BÈTA was founded in 2017 following the disbandment of progressive metal act Shadowdust. Bass player Bram Villez and drummer Jon Huyghe started looking for a Guitar player to take us on a new musical journey. Long-time friend Jonas Cottyn quite quickly turned out to be the perfect fit. Without really knowing what direction we wanted to go into, the constitution of the band was the freedom for everyone to bring their own characteristic sound to the table. This quickly resulted in a bunch of songs that sounded exactly like that, an interesting mixture of characteristic playing styles combining.

After having written the material to record our first album, BÈTA was still looking for a voice. Following an intensive quest, the perfect match was unexpected. Long-time friend Joris Waegebaert, who had no previous experience as a vocalist, turned out to be a vocal natural and the perfect fit for the band. Not long after BÈTA recorded its self-titled debut album with Kristof Maes (Channel Zero, King Hiss, Millionaire, …) at the Closed Session Recording Studio in Roeselare. Ultimately, resulting in our first release in spring 2019.

Following an intensive period of playing shows in support of the album, Bram Villez, who was about to become a father, decided to quit the band in early 2020. Auditions were held to find a new bass player. Gerbrand Desnouck (former The Green Onions) brought instant chemistry to the band.  Gerbrand rapidly turned out to be not only the perfect replacement, but also transformed the sound and gave the band a new momentum.

Until the pandemic took the world by storm… A challenging time for the entire world, but also for some members of the band who were struggling personally and emotionally. Therefore, our little musical BÈTA bubble transformed the isolation into a creative opportunity providing an emotional outlet and some catharsis. This was the foundation for a collection of songs that brought us back to the Closed Session Recording Studio in the summer of 2020 to record our second album. Mastered by Jerboa (EELS, Amenra, Trigerfinger, …) and finally titled “Panorama”, the album represents a vantage point on both emotional and social struggling, written from a very personal perspective, reflecting on this crazy period in all of our lives.

Having to wait for another year before being able to finally release “Panorama” the way it deserved to be in fall 2021, we are currently looking for venues to perform our music and to share the experience.